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The Construct Master Collection website:
Click here: https://www.constructcollection.com/
Documentation: https://www.constructcollection.com/documentation


Construct Master Collection :
The Construct Master Collection is an enterprise level dedicated addon package mainly created to extend the features of Construct with features you can't get with just the built-in Construct addons.

The collection contains the sub-collections which categorizes the plugins.
These are :

  1.  PlayFab Master Collection
  2. Mobile Master Collection
  3. Game Master Collection
  4. Firebase Master Collection [Bonus]
  5. Web Master Collection
  6. Mobile IronSource Collection
  7. Google Admob Collection


PlayFab Master Collection :
The plugin collection that enables cloud to local and local to cloud features. The addons achieve these features through accounts either hosted by the game server or playfab server, social accounts, device or cryptographic identifications.

The features include user data, game data, company data which is shared across all games, news feature, leaderboards, group data, bind account feature, authentication, recovery, gdpr compliance, guild features, character features, banning features, account management, player management, data management, friends list and manager, virtual currencies, real currencies, iap and validation, cdn, cloud script analytics and etc. 

  • Account Info
  • Account Manager
  • Analytics
  • PlayFab API
  • CDN
  • Cloud Script
  • Friend Manager
  • Leaderboards
  • Player Manager
  • Publisher
  • Title Manager
  • User Data
  • Virtual Currencies
  • Real Currencies
  • Authentication
  • Sync Manager
  • Photon Realtime
  • Photon Chat
  • Advertising


Mobile Master Collection :

The plugin collection that enables native mobile features mainly for Android and IOS but some plugins may support more platforms.
The collection is constantly ever innovating and is also well supported. 

These include Enterprise level addons for all ranges of mobile game development, even for general applications. Features include, social authentications, analytics, facebook integration, google integration, friends integration, monetization, device information, power management, performance management, mobile dialog, mobile toast, mobile browser, mobile review, mobile rating, local notifications, push notifications and etc.

  • Mobile Billing
  • Mobile Pay
  • Mobile Master IAP
  • Mobile Notification
  • Mobile Browser
  • Mobile Facebook
  • Mobile Google Sign-In
  • Mobile Info
  • Mobile Review
  • Mobile Sleep
  • Mobile Toast
  • Mobile Dialog
  • Mobile Badge
  • Mobile Pushwoosh
  • Mobile Build Master
  • Mobile Multidex
  • Mobile Background
  • Mobile Notch
  • Mobile Enhance
  • Mobile Apple Sign-In
  • Mobile OneSignal
  • Mobile Network
  • Mobile AppsFlyer
  • Mobile Firebase Analytics
  • Mobile Firebase Remote Config
  • Mobile Cloud Save
  • Mobile Vibrate
  • Mobile Orientation

  • Google Admob Collection
    • Google Admob
    • AdColony Ads
    • AppLovin Ads 
    •  Chartboost Ads 
    •  Fyber Ads 
    •  i-mobile Ads 
    •  InMobi Ads 
    •  ironSource Ads 
    •  Maio Ads 
    •  Meta Audience Network (Facebook Ads) 
    •  myTarget Ads 
    •  nend Ads 
    •  Pangle Ads (TikTok) 
    •  Tapjoy Ads 
    •  Unity Ads 
    •  Verizon Ads 
    •  Vungle Ads

  • Mobile Advert Compliance
    • Mobile Consent
    • Mobile IDFA
    • Mobile Advert Families Programs

  • Mobile Ads Collection (Deprecated)
    • Mobile Master Ads
    • Mobile Facebook Ads
    • Mobile Unity Ads
    • Mobile FacebookxUnity Ads
    • Mobile InMobi Ads
    • Mobile MobFox Ads
    • Mobile Vungle Ads
    • Mobile Chartboost Ads
    • Mobile AppLovin Ads


Mobile IronSource Collection :

The Mobile IronSource Ads implements IronSource advertisements with complete ad-network mediation support, extensible through addon modules.

  • Mobile IronSource Ads
  • Mobile IronSource Ads (Debug)
  • Admob Ads 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Unity Ads 
  • AdColony Ads 
  • Amazon Ads 
  • AppLovin Ads 
  • Chartboost Ads 
  • Fyber Ads 
  • HyprMX Ads 
  • InMobi Ads 
  • Maio Ads 
  • MIntegral Ads 
  • Tapjoy Ads 
  • Vungle Ads 
  • TikTok Ads
  • TikTok Ads (China)
  • Smaato Ads
  • Snap Ads
  • myTarget Ads
  • Tencent Ads
  • SuperAwesome Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Mobile Advert Compliance
    • Mobile Consent
    • Mobile IDFA
    • Mobile Advert Families Programs


Game Master Collection :

The plugin collection that extends Construct 2 and Construct 3's features into achieving additional essential features.

  • Bounded Drag and Drop
  • Self Function
  • AI
  • AI Behavior [Legacy]
  • Process
  • Clock
  • GFX
  • Global
  • Set
  • Engine
  • Tick


Web Master Collection :

The plugin collection that extends Construct 2 and Construct 3's features into achieving important extended features.

  • Web Facebook
  • Google Ads (H5 AdSense)
  • Cookies


Firebase Master Collection :

The plugin collection that upgraded the Firebase plugins originally created by RexRainbow into Construct 3.

  • Firebase API I (Backwards Compatibility)
  • Firebase API 3
  • Authentication
  • Counter
  • GeoFire
  • Item Book
  • Item Monitor
  • Item Table
  • Leaderboards
  • Query
  • Rooms
  • Save Data
  • Simple Message
  • Single Login
  • Token
  • UserID To ID
  • Firebase Main


Bonus included addons from the Scirra Store [$70.00] :

A few addons that I released on the Scirra Store that is included in the collection for free.


Bonus included premium versions of the free addons that I have released :

Premium versions of the free addons that I released for the Construct Community.
These are supported, improved and full-packed versions of the free addons. 
All free in the Construct Master Collection.



  • This is a one-time payment. Free upgrades.
  • You may  file "feature requests".
  • You can file for "premium express orders", an express feature request.
  • Construct 2 Support.
  • Construct 3 Support.
  • Construct 2 Runtime Support.
  • Construct 3 Runtime Support.
  • Construct 3 Worker Support.
  • Construct 3 Module Support.
  • Construct 3 Build Service Support.




Releases :


Terms and Conditions:



Buy Now$199.99 USD or more

In order to download this addon collection you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $199.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Release 31 [Progressive].zip 201 MB
Release 32 [Patch].zip 201 MB
Release 33.zip 202 MB
Release 34.zip 202 MB
Release 40.zip 205 MB
Release 41.zip 206 MB
Release 42.zip 206 MB

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I purchased an item from you on itch.io. But when returning from the paypal window an error message appeared. The purchase does not appear on my shopping list, but the amount paid was debited from my paypal account and posted to my credit card. I already email itch.io to check the issue.

I usually buy construct plugins from construct.net site, but your plugin was at the lowest value on itch.io. I didn't imagine this problem would happen.

Hi there,
Sorry for the inconvenience. 
I'll have it solved through customer support.

It would also be helpful contacting email support so we can get your account details.
Thank you!

Thank you for your support. Follow the steps and the problem is solved, thanks for your attention. I'm looking forward to using the plugin's functionality.

Awesome collection!

This completes the tools required for my project, it has all the features I need. It's well organized, complete with documentation, including from the website.

I definitely recommend it. 😀

Thank you, glad you like it!

Awesome collection!

Just what I needed, thank you very much!

Thank you, glad you like it!

Awesome collection of plugins, very well documented!

Thanks. Glad you like it.

How to use PlayFab plugins, what they eat and drink with, no explanations of plugin functions, are there any good examples of how to use playfab plugins in mini-games? tutorial guide how to implement it and how to use, good examples, where is all this? I see a bunch of playfab plugins, but I don’t understand how to use them ...
(1 edit)

Hi. It's straightforward and easy to use. There are also sample projects that show what they do, and the data they return. 

There is also the documentation website.

In less than 30 minutes I managed to create what a MMO can look like at its beginning.

5/5 but I have to develop the whole rest of the MMO now.

Hi dude, How can I implement the Unity Ads plugin plz? I have added it but can not do anything with it?

Hello. You use it with the Mobile Master Ads, there is a manual for it. Good luck!

I have purchased the collection, but I can not find the c3 photon plugins !! help plz ? 

Hi. It's under the PlayFab Master Collection. You'll find it there.

Thank you! I've been looking for something like these. :-)
So many useful plugins, especially the Mobile Master Collection.
Worth the purchase!
Good thing I also found the Discord discount, saved me a few bucks. :-)

- Hola, los complementos funcionan tanto para c2 como para c3, ¿o hay algunos que no funcionan en la construcción 2 o viceversa?

- Por favor, ¿planea separar los complementos en paquetes para comprar por separado (por ejemplo, poder comprar Firebase solo y reducir costos innecesarios)?


(1 edit)

Yes. These all work on both Construct 2 and Construct 3.

The bonus addon collection called the Firebase Master Collection is a port to Construct 3.
The original is publicly available, authored by RexRainbow.

Although, we do recommend using instead the PlayFab Master Collection.
It contains far more features, documentation and support for Construct 3, while still easy to use.

Deleted 2 years ago

Great plugins!! Awesome support too!

I love the PlayFab Master Collection. It really makes Cloud Data sync to all devices per user possible and easy. Also, the other addons are very useful too. I really recommend the collection to all Construct users. Thank you very much! 

The collection looks great!
These many useful plugins in the collection. Thanks!