Release 29 (Emergency)

Release 29 - Emergency Early Release

Emergency update for the Construct Master Collection to slowly release new important features in the collection. A complete update will be released after all the target addons are completed, including a redesigned website with tutorials.

Release Updates:

  • Google Ads (Google AdSense) 
    • [New] Construct 3 plugin that implements Google Ads for Web Games with Google AdSense, and with Google Admob support for web mobile or WebView.
      • Advertisements
        • Pre-roll advertisements
        • Interstitial advertisements
          • Start
          • Pause
          • Next
          • Browse
        • Rewarded advertisements
      • Advertisers Services
        • Google AdSense
        • Google Admob
    • [Funded] by Pikoya Ltd, through Premium order.

  • Advertising (PlayFab)
    • [New] Construct 3 plugin that implements PlayFab Advertising, with advertisement activity reporting and analytics, with advertising compliances.
      • Rewarded advertisements, with PlayFab Inventory support.
      • Easily integratable with native implementations.
        • Mobile IronSource Collection
        • Google Ads (Web)
        • Google Admob Collection [TBA]
        • Mobile Appodeal Collection [TBA]
  • Mobile IronSource Collection
    • Update to the latest Android and iOS SDKs, with the version 7.1.11
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-debug@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-adcolony@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-admob@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-amazon@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-applovin@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-chartboost@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-facebook@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-fyber@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-hyprmx@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-inmobi@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-maio@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-mytarget@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-pangle@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-pangle-cn@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-smaato@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-snap@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-tapjoy@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-tencent@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-unity@0.0.9
      • chadori-mobile-ironsource-vungle@0.0.9
  • Mobile Billing
    • Transition to public Cordova plugin.
    • Now supports the Construct Build Service.
  • PlayFab API
    • Minor change

New plugins and behaviors will follow, including the website documentations.

For more information, kindly review the ongoing milestone  and current project tasks

 Thank you!


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Oct 17, 2021

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Where is the "DOWNLOAD" button if I bought it for a long time ...

Hi there, you can check your inventory and download from there. You can click on the product as well, for example if you have bought the Construct Master Collection click the link then scroll down and you will be able to find the download button.

The item here and the one from your inventory are all the same.