Release 31 [Progressive Early Release]

Release 31 - Progressive Early Release

Progressive update for the Construct Master Collection to slowly release new important features in the collection. A complete update will be released after all the target addons are completed, including a redesigned website with tutorials.

New plugins:

  • Mobile IDFA (New) 
    • [New] Construct 3 plugin to request tracking authorization and retrieve the advertising id, both the IDFA and AAID, for both Android and iOS.

New features:

  • Virtual Currencies
    • Added tags to purchase and consume requests.
      • Consume Item
      • Purchase Item
      • Advanced Purchase Item
    • Allowed an optional "Store Id" when purchasing items.
  • Real Currencies
    • Added an optional "CatalogVersion" field for requests. This will allow developers to control which catalog version to target their validation.
    • Added a received response after validation for the fulfillments, including items, bundles and currencies granted to the account user.
      Full and unified implementations for both Android and iOS.
    • Included new event trigger conditions.
      • On any validate Google Play purchase
      • On any validate Google Play purchase error
      • On any validate iOS receipt
      • On any validate iOS receipt error
    • Included tags to the following event trigger conditions.
      • On validate Google Play purchase
      • On validate Google Play purchase error
      • On validate iOS receipt
      • On validate iOS receipt error
  • Mobile Billing
    • [New] "On receipt" listeners to avoid using the "Wait()" workaround for consumable products validation after a recent purchase.
    • [New] condition event triggers, to signal when a product has received updated transaction details, including receipt details.
      For e.g., useful when validating purchases, where receipts are only received later after a purchase transaction.
      • On product receipt
      • On any product receipt
    • Demo projects changed for the new "On receipt" listeners implementation.
    • Demo projects updated for best practices.
    • PlayFab [Real Currencies] demo project for mobile In-App Billing and In-App Purchases validation through the PlayFab servers now updated.


  • Virtual Currencies
    • Changed all action display texts to better identify tags.
  • Real Currencies
    • Allow receipt validation to no longer require optional details.
      • Currency Code
      • Custom Tags
      • Purchase Price
    • Rewritten the English language files for better labels, display texts, descriptions and categorizations.

Bug fixes:

  • Mobile Billing
    • Construct 2 expressions default property values fixed to not have spaces.

New plugins and behaviors will follow, including the website documentations.

For more information, kindly review the ongoing milestone  and current project tasks

 Thank you!


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Nov 10, 2021

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