Release 33.0

Release 33.0 - General Update

Progressive update for the Construct Master Collection to slowly release new important features in the collection. A complete update will be released after all the target plugins are completed, including a redesigned website with tutorials.

Bug fixes:

  • Mobile Browser
    • Black screen error when adding some conditions.
    • Test projects have incorrect "Add option" action inputs compared to what is indicated in the UI, for both Construct 3 and Construct 2.
  • PlayFab Master Collection
    • Construct 3 with c2runtime regression for Xbox Live support using ES6 API.
    • Construct 2 regression for Xbox Live support using ES6 API.
  • Real Currencies
    • Catalog Version input parameter is not working properly. When the catalog version is specified the plugin ignores the value, and the plugin does not include the parameter in the request.
  • Process
    • 'CurrentTask(process)'  expression returns an error.
    • Also fixed some immediate language file issues.
  • Photon Collection
    • Patch fix for a self declaration issue.
    • Patch fix for advanced minify failure.
    • Patch fix for connection error when Webhooks is enabled from the Photon Console.
  • Mobile Firebase Analytics
    • New build error failure due to build dependency mandatory updates.
  • Mobile Cloud Save
    • Changed the Cordova plugin to the whitelisted version.

New features:

  • Photon Collection
    • Support other data types when using scripting, such as Array and Object.
    • Add an event trigger condition that compares if the room creator joined the room or not.
    • Add action to reassign the master actor.
      • SetMasterActor(actorNr)
    • Add action "Join random room or create room".
      • JoinRandomRoomOrCreateRoom()
    • In-line new features in the official Photon plugins versioned ''.
    • Support new server-synced time features
      • GetServerTime()
      • SyncServerTime()
      • GetRoundTripTime()
      • UpdateRoundTripTime()
    • Upgrade Photon Cloud JavaScript SDK to ''.
      • Photon Realtime
        • getServerTimeMs()
        • syncServerTime()
        • getRtt()
        • updateRtt()
        • setPlugins()
        • setMasterClient()
        • joinRandomOrCreateRoom()
      • Photon Chat
    • New demo game project to showcase the new features in'' SDK.
  • Mobile Firebase Analytics
    • Updated Firebase Android and iOS SDK versions.

For more information, please kindly visit the ongoing milestone  and current project tasks pages.   

Thank you!


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Mar 20, 2022

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