Release 34

Release 34.0

An important update for the Mobile IronSource Collection with a lot of maintenance updates, new features, entire native refactors and plugins rewrite, Android and iOS SDK compliances, including Android 12's latest mandatory updates for Google Advertising Ids  and applications in Google Play's Designing Apps for Children and Families Programs, and new Play Services features and changes including retrieving GAID and App Set Id information.

Progressive update for the Construct Master Collection to slowly release new important features in the collection. A complete update will be released after all the target plugins are completed, including a redesigned website with tutorials.

Warning: Some plugins in the collection that relies in the new plugin-side framework version update requires using at least Construct 3 version 'r290'. At the time of this writing 'r290' is not yet released, but it should release very soon. Therefore, if you encounter build issues and 'r290' is not yet out, then please wait until it releases. Thank you!

Bug fixes:

  • Firebase Analytics
    • Fixed Cordova plugin's build failure regression when using the C3 Build Service.
  • Firebase Remote Config
    • Fixed conflict with the Firebase Analytics due to its new Cordova plugin version after a recent update. 
      This only happens when both the Firebase Analytics and Firebase Remote Config plugins are included in a project.
      • New version: 'chadori-mobile-firebase-remote-config@0.1.0'


  • Mobile IronSource Collection
    • Improved how the user id is set, and fixed possible vulnerabilities.
    • User ids now fallback to the IronSource's built-in user id generator, rather than a constant test string user id.
    • Refactored Android's 'init()' method. It now handles everything in a try-cattch instead of partly, which simplifies the implementation.
    • Refactored Android and iOS code to strengthen protection against possible SDK call failures.
    • Use Android's log utilities instead of 'printStackTrace()' to avoid developers from receiving false alarm errors, for example a try-catch's 'NullPointerException'.
    • Facebook Ads now implementing 'Meta Audience Network'.
    • Update demo projects for the latest SDKs version
      • Automatic
      • Automatic Advanced 
      • Easy Banners 
      • Manual 
      • Manual Advanced 
      • Regulation Compliance 
      • Test Application
    • Redesigned the user id selection.

New features:

  • Mobile IronSource Collection
    • Update all advertisement SDKs to '', for both Android and iOS.
      • All in stable version '1.0.0'.
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-debug 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-adcolony 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-admob 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-applovin 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-chartboost 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-facebook 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-fyber 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-hyprmx 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-inmobi 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-maio 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-mytarget 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-pangle 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-smaato 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-snap 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-tapjoy 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-tencent 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-unityads 
        • chadori-mobile-ironsource-vungle
    • New ad-networks:
      • All experimental in version '1.0.0', and only support Android 12.
        • SuperAwesome Ads
          • chadori-mobile-ironsource-superawesome
        • Yahoo (Verizon) Ads
          • chadori-mobile-ironsource-yahoo
    • Refactored the Construct 3 plugins to implement the new features in SDK ''.
      •  New 'On initialized' event listener.
      • New adaptive banner support features.
      • Ad-Id permission included in the Cordova plugin for Android 12+ compliance.
      • Fallback support for Android 11, while Cordova, and consequently Construct 3, are still targeting to Android 11.
      • New action for users to opt-out of device data, for applications in Google Play's Designing for Families and Childrens Programs.
      • New Construct 3 plugin solely to support Google Play's Designed for Families Programs.
        • Automatically removes the 'Ad.Id' permission from the project upon building, to prevent any attempts in collecting data in applications targeted to families and children.
      • New user id type selections: [Advertising, IronSource, Specify]
        • Option to choose IronSource's built-in user id generator.
      • Play Services features and changes, including retrieving GAID and App Set Id information.
      • Create Banner action's adaptive banner toggle option.
      • Create Stretched Banner action, which fills the entire width of the device's screen with the banner view.
      • New ability to update each ad-network's SDK through its Construct 3 plugin, avoiding the need for whitelisting and hastening support for new versions of the IronSource SDKs and ad-network SDKs, for both Android and iOS.
      • Add dependency variables in the Cordova plugins to allow Cordova CLI and Construct 3 plugin-side updates.
        This will allow updating dependencies without having to request for whitelisting, which is sometimes possible because of no breaking changes.
      • Ability to override dependency versions to avoid whitelisting. This will allow us to manually update the dependency and SDK versions in the Construct 3 plugins, through Cordova plugin variables.
        • Implement versioning variables for all Cordova plugins, including for each ad-network, for both Android and iOS.
        • Implement setting the dependency and SDK versions through the Construct 3 plugins.
        • Combo box parameter options for ad-network Construct 3 plugins with multiple versions support.
      • Demo projects for the latest SDKs version
        • Manual Easy Banners
        • Google Play's Design Apps for Families Programs
      • Rewrite the Construct 3 plugins in preparation for worker mode support of mobile devices, for the time when there will no longer be performance repercussions of using worker mode.


  • Mobile IronSource Collection
    • Amazon Ads 

      • This ad-network is temporarily deprecated to await its new released counterpart ATS to stabilize.
        In the meantime, there are two (2) new ad networks in the collection that you can add to replace this one.

For more information, please kindly visit the ongoing milestone  and current project tasks pages.   

Thank you!


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Apr 07, 2022

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Hi everyone,  I've recently tested r285.3 stable after the new Cordova plugins' versions were whitelisted, and it seems the Construct team quickly finished fixing the C3 Build Service versioning issue. 

It seems to work now even in the stable version. There is no longer the need to wait for the next beta, Construct 3 r290, in regards to the Mobile IronSource Collection.

However, if there is still an issue that I've missed, please do let me know.

Thank you.