Release 42

Release 42 - Stability update

A stability update for the Construct Master Collection. A lot of important bug fixes especially for those who have recently updated to Release 40 or Release 41.

This update includes very important bug fixes and stability updates for both the Mobile IronSource Collection and Google Admob Collection.

We also had routine updates for the Mobile Master Collection to update the Android and iOS SDK versions and its implementations to prevent build failures due to latest build requirements.

A few other minor updates including minor bug fixes have also been added in this update. There is also a new plugin, a premium order by one of the supporters of the collection. The Cookies plugin which is designed to store data for your applications, is added in the collection because of its possible usefulness to a lot of supporters .

New plugins:

  • Cookies
    • A new plugin designed to implement web cookies in your application projects to store data in small text files on user devices. Features include creating, reading, fetching, checking and deleting cookies, for games built in Construct 3.
    • This plugin is a premium order by one of the supporters of the collection. The Cookies plugin is added in the collection because of its possible usefulness to a lot of supporters .

Bug fixes:

  • Google Admob Collection
    • Creating classic banners incorrectly sets the size. The previous attempt to fixing it instead caused a regression, accidentally broke a working feature, the position of banners. The fix was accidentally applied to the positioning of banners, which caused the regression.
    • Prevent setting [npa] if Set user consent action is not called. This is to prevent conflicts with the obtained user consent state received from the consent dialog (User Messaging Platform).
    • Banner position is incorrectly set due to a recent regression, which prevents the banner to get positioned on top.
  • Mobile Firebase Plugins
    • Firebase Analytics and Firebase Remote Config plugins build failure due to outdated versions, now requiring update to latest SDK versions.
      • Firebase Analytics
      • Firebase Remote Config
  • Mobile Toast
    • "On show toast failed" condition's incorrect description fixed for both Construct 3 and Construct 2 editors.
  • Mobile IronSource Collection
    • Fixed issues with specifying versions on export to Android and iOS for the previous Release 41.
      • AppLovin Ads (
      • Chartboost Ads (
      • Facebook Ads (
      • Fyber Ads (
      • HyprMX Ads (
      • InMobi Ads (
      • Maio Ads (
      • myTarget Ads (
      • Smaato Ads (
      • SuperAwesome Ads (
      • Tapjoy Ads (
      • Tiktok Ads (Pangle Ads) (
      • Unity Ads (
      • Vungle Ads (
      • Yahoo Ads (
    • Fixed advanced minify bug


  • Firebase Remote Config
    • Explicit removal of chadori-mobile-firebase-analytics and explicitly require adding the Firebase Analytics plugin as a dependency object.

New features:

  • Mobile Firebase Plugins
    • Android and iOS SDK versions have been updated to the latest.
      • Firebase Analytics
      • Firebase Remote Config

For more information, please kindly visit the completed milestone  and current project tasks pages.   

Thank you!


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Sep 06, 2022

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